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E-Z Stitch Fabric Tape, 12 yards



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E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric, 12 Yards

E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric is now available in a 12 yard roll! You get 36 feet of 3/8" molded hook tape. When you attach the tape to the fabric, it will apply permanantly and cannot be re-used for another project. This BIG roll gives you a plentiful supply of fabric tape for your next stitching projects!

E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric eliminates the need for hand basting fabric to Scroll Rods. You can remove and reattach your fabric in seconds. 

How it works:
There are two separate tapes to make the system work: E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric & E-Z Stitch Tape for Scroll Rods. Each tape has a sticky back. Tape for Fabric attaches across each end of your fabric or canvas. E-Z Stitch Tape for Rods attaches directly to the scroll rod. Now you can instantly attach your fabric to the scroll rods. 100% guaranteed to never lose its tension.

Note: The E-Z Stitch System for Fabric attaches permanently to the fabric and therefore recommended to be cut off before framing.

E-Z Stitch Tape for Rods sold separately

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