Instructions for Assembling Scroll Frame

Step 1.

Cut fabric to size. Be sure to leave 3" – 4" on each side for finishing your completed needlework piece.

Step 2.

Choose scroll rods and extender bars for frame size desired

Step 3.

Mark the center of your fabric. To find the center, fold fabric in half, first in length, then in width, following the straight grain of the fabric. The fold point is the center. I find it best to mark the center by making a single cross stitch in a light colored floss (see diagram A).



Diagram A

Skip Step 4 if you are using the E-Z Stitch® No Basting System.

Step 4.

Attach fabric or canvas to scroll rods by machine or hand basting. Make sure fabric is cut evenly at top and bottom. Sandwich fabric between scroll rod and webbing. If basting by hand I prefer to use carpet or quilting thread, but floss will work (see diagram B).

Diagram B

If stitching by machine, line scroll rod up with presser foot of machine and stitch across (using longest stitch on machine) making sure to keep fabric sandwiched between scroll rod and webbing (see diagram C). (Hint: Scroll rod may need to be placed either to the right or left side of you presser foot, depending on which side the screw is on. You don't want the screw bounding off the scroll rod as you're stitching the fabric on).

Diagram C

If fabric is not cut evenly or butted up against staples, your piece will be uneven and you won't be able to get a firm tension
Note: Cross-stitch and needlepoint pieces should be worked to the inside of the frame. This protects your work from soiling if laid face down, and as you're stitching your project, your hands are touching the back of the fabric rather than the face of the piece.

Step 5.

Roll the fabric around top and bottom scroll rods to shorten design area to fit into desired size extender bars (see diagram D).


Diagram D

Step 6. Insert both scroll rods into holes in extender bars (see diagram E).

Diagram E

Step 7.

Screw one knob over each scroll end and tighten. Your tension is determined by how tightly you wrap your fabric around the 2ndscroll rod. I can get the best tension by turning the frame away from me and rolling the fabric around the scroll rod (see diagram F). When you have the desired tension, tighten knobs. When working with needlepoint canvas you may have to work back and forth several times to take out slack/

Diagram F

Step 8. You are now ready to enjoy stitching your needlework project (see diagram G).

Diagram G

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