E-Z Stitch, a division of Embroidery Central, now owns The American Dream Product Line! For other products from Embroidery Central, please visit embroidery.com.

The E-Z Stitch Tomorrow's Treasures Lap Stand or The E-Z Stitch Floor Stand allows you to stitch with both hands. Making your stitching faster with neater and straighter stitches. Your hands scarcely touch the fabric, so no more dirty stained fabric when you are done with your project!

E-Z Stich products are available in two fabric attachment methods - Webbing and Tape. All E-Z Stitch products are also interchangeable.

E-Z Stitch Quited Accessories protect your project while stitching, storing, or traveling with your E-Z Stitch product. 

E-Z Stich honoring past traditions while stitching the future.

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