EZ Stitch Chart Holder & Tray for the EZ Stitch Floor Stand


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Please welcome the EZ Stitch Chart Holder & Tray, a companion for the EZ Stitch Floor Stand.

The back plate of the chart holder is 9" x 11" and is large enough that it will fit most common size patterns.

The tray is the perfect place to hold your pens, markers and other stitching gadgets. Just like the Floor Stand, it also features 2 holes on the side.  These are designed for storing scissors, tweezers, or a even a highlighter.

With the accordion style of the Extender Arms, this allows you to move the chart holder into the perfect position to reference your pattern.

As with all of the other EZ Stitch Products, our EZ Chart Holder is fashioned from solid American Red Oak and hand finished with Golden Oak oil stain and will match your EZ Stitch Floor Stand.

This EZ Stitch Chart Holder includes:

Back Plate


Extender Arm #1 (With Block)

Extender Arm #2

Attachment Block

5 Knobs

3 5/16" Steel Phillips Flat Head Screws

2 2/15" Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws 10/24


EZ Stitch Chart Holder Assembly Instructions.

Attach Back to the Tray using the 3 of the 5/16" Flat Head Screws.

Place the Attachment Block to the top Cross Bars with the Hanger Bolt facing upward. Using 2 of the 2 1/5” Screwsm attach the Attachment Block to the Cross Bars and secure with 2 knobs.


Place Extender Arm #1 on the Attachment Black with the hanger bolt facing up and secure with knob.


Place Extender Arm #2 on hanger bolt from Extender Arm #1 and secure with knob.

Place Tray on Extender Arm #2 and secure with knob.


Loosen knobs till you find your perfect placement of the Chart Holder, then secure.

You are now ready to stitch.


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