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The E-Z Stitch Lock Spacer kit provides locking spacers to either upgrade your lapstand or replace missing spacers. These OEM, genuine lock spacers lock the legs of the legs and feet in place but allow the frame to easily spin. The lock spacers can be used at each position on the lapstand leg, allowing a large variety of stitching positions to best meet the needs of your project.

Our new lock spacers are similar to our old spacers. However, the lock spacers fix issues where the frame would bind against the legs. The new lock spacer kit can upgrade your old lapstand and eliminate this problem. All lapstands and leg kits purchased during or after June 2022 come with the new lock spacers.

Heavy duty spacer kit placement    Heavy Duty Spacer Kit Being used for Larger knobs

Our Heavy Duty Lock Spacers are especially good for adding room between the lapstand legs and the frame. This allows more room for your hands or larger knobs; some find the wider spacers to be more asthetically pleasing.
"Do you need the heavy duty or regular spacers?" The regular spacers come with the lapstand and the leg kit. If you need more room for your hands, knobs, or prefer the wider look, then the Heavy Duty Lock Spacer kit is right for you.

Heavy Duty Lock Spacer Kit used for larger knobs

   Regular spacers that come with the lapstand and lapstand leg kit    Heavy duty spacers available with the heavy duty lock spacer kit

Included with the Heavy Duty Lock Spacer Kit:

  • Two cylinder oak lock spacers, 2" diameter x 1.5" height
  • Two 3.5" machine screws for installation
  • Two flat washers

Included with the Regular Lock Spacer Kit:

  • Two cylinder oak lock spacers, 2" diameter x 1" height
  • Two 3" machine screws for installation
  • Two flat washers

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