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Tomorrow's Treasures E-Z Stitch Adjustable Oak Lap & Tabletop Frame



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AMERICAN DREAM PRODUCTS' E-Z Stitch Tomorrow's Treasures Lap and Tabletop Stand with Adjustable Scroll Frame

This versatile, adjustable Oak Lap Stand & Frame works for a variety of projects -- cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel, or embroidery.   It provides an attractive furniture quality frame while your project is in progress. The twin pillar supports provide a stable platform for all your projects. The stand can be used on your lap or on a tabletop. The scroll frame can rotate a full 360° for quick, easy access to the back of your project. The adjustable side bars allows placement of your frame to best suit your seating position and the position of your project for either lap or tabletop use.

A 20" heavy duty frame set is included with the stand. Projects with fabric width of 18" or less are ideal for this frame size. For projects wider than 18", the width of the Tomorrow's Treasures stand can be changed by purchasing longer or shorter scroll rods (sold separately). Any of the E-Z Stitch / American Dream Products scroll rods and frames are compatible with this lap stand. As a rule, use scroll rods that are 2 inches wider than your fabric. This allows you to use the extra inch on each side to rotate the rods.

Assembly is simple and can be completed within minutes. This sturdy frame is fashioned from solid American Red Oak and hand finished with natural teak oil.

This needlework stand is compatible with all American Dream Products / E-Z Stitch scroll rods, side bars, knobs, and Loop and Hook Tapes for Fabric and Rods.

EZ Stitch Tomorrow's Treasures Lap Stand Regular Position  EZ Stitch Tomorrow's Treasures Lap Stand Downward Position

The Tomorrow's Treasures Lap and Tabletop Stand with E-Z Stitch Tape Versions includes:

  • Two Oak Legs (posts) which are 15.5" tall, 2.5" wide at the top and 4.5" wide at the base.

  • Two Oak Feet

  • Two 12" Oak Adjustable Side Bars

  • Two 20" Heavy Duty Scroll Rods with Tape for Rods pre-attached

  • Two Oak Spacers

  • One Roll of Tape for Fabric (3 yards)

  • 10 Oak Knobs

  • Two 3" Phillips head screws, size 10-24

  • Two washers

    Lap Stand Individual Components View

    Assembled Lapstand Leg Kit and Box

How the Frame System works:
There are two separate hook and loop fastener tapes in the frame system: E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric is hook (scratchy). E-Z Stitch Tape for Rods is loop (fuzzy). Each tape has adhesive on the back. Tape for Fabric attaches across each end of your fabric or canvas. Tape for Rods attaches directly to the scroll rods. The tape on the fabric and the rods attach to each other - via a hook and loop fastener system - without slipping to provide fabric tension.


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One of the benefits of using our Lap Stand is that now you can stitch with both hands. I have found that not only is stitching with both hands much faster, but my stitches look much neater and straight. Another benefit is that your hands scarcely touch the fabric now, so fabric will be clean when you are finished with a project.

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The Lap / Tabletop Stand is versatile and can be adapted to many configurations:

  • The height of the stand is adjustable by inserting the screw through any of the holes drilled in the leg.

  • You can adjust the size of the stitching area by moving the rods closer or further apart on the Side Bar. The 12” Side Bars are adjustable to 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12.”

  • Any size of the E-Z Stitch Scroll Rods can be used with our Lap Stand. Scroll Rods are available in sizes that range from 6” to 48.”

The E-Z Stitch Lap Stand is adjustable. The scroll frame can be attached to the Legs in a variety of positions. If you are stitching on a couch, you may want to position the scroll frame in the top holes, making it closer to yourself. If you are working on a tabletop, you can position it in the lower holes to bring it toward you. Combining different sizes of scroll rods and side bars creates a variety of

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Flipping the Scroll Frame over to the back

There is a pan-head screw that goes through the Side Bar the Spacer then the Leg. Then a knob is attached and tightened to secure it in to place. That knob must be loosened before you flip it over to get to the back of your work. Then once you flip it back use a screwdriver to tighten it back down and secure the frame into place.

Up close photo of lap stand leg and side bar connection  Woman tensioning her lapstand leg kit

Side view of a lapstand leg kit
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How to assemble the E-Z Needlework Lap Stand Video:

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