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Upgrade your Tomorrow's Treasures Lap and Table Top Stand with these heavy-duty spacers and enjoy greater stability while stitching! Whether upgrading your current stand or replacing lost spacers, these will fit all existing Tomorrow's Treasures Lap and Table Top Stands.

Heavy duty spacer kit placement    Heavy Duty Spacer Kit Being used for Larger knobs

Especial if you decide the Metal Knobs are for you and want to change over to using them with your Lap Stand you will need the EZ Stitch Heavy Duty Spacer Kit. The Metal Knobs are longer then the Wooden Knobs so when you go to turn the Scroll Frame over to get to the back of your project the Metal Knobs will hit on the Legs.

Heavy Duty Spaver Kit Being used for larger iron knobs        

We created EZ Stitch Heavy Duty Spacer Kit, which are 1.51” in height giving you enough distance between the Metal Knobs and the and the Leg allowing you to turn the whole Scroll Frame a full 360° for quick and easy access to the back of your project.

    Regular spacers that come with the lapstand and lapstand leg kit    Heavy duty spacers available with the heavy duty spacer kit

Two cylinder oak spacers, 2" diameter x 1.51" height

Two 3.5" machine screws

Two Flat Washers




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